How to wear Oil Perfumes:

Apply onto your skin – Oils can leave stains on your clothes, so keep it away from your fabrics by applying it onto your skin. 

Focus on the pulse points – Perfume oils perform at their peak when they are warm. Use your body heat that is the pulse points on the neck, the wrists, inside of the elbow or behind the ears to fire up the perfume oil and kick its diffusion into high gear. 

Apply early– Allow the Oil Perfume time to mix with your skins natural oils and your body’s natural heat. Give this chemistry a little time to work its magic before you head out.

Layer your fragrance – if you want a bolder overall scent, you’ll need to maximize your perfume oil with fragrance layering. Wear similar scented lotions, cream, body butter or body mists. One needs to be careful because not all great scents smell great when mixed.

Create a scented drawer – Dab a little perfume oil onto a cotton pad, let it dry, and then put it in your drawer underneath your clothes. Your clothes will smell subtly fantastic all day.

Enid Mbaka

7 thoughts on “How to wear Oil Perfumes:

  1. This is very informative.
    Especially creating a scented drawer. I have always struggled with how to maintain the scent on my clothes.
    Now I know.
    Thanks Enid Mbaka.

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