How to choose a Perfume:

Our body chemistry react differently to the ingredients of a perfume. What smells good on one person may smell different on another. Sample first on your skin and give it time to work with your body chemistry. To choose a suitable fragrance, it is important to actually try the perfume personally instead of only relying on recommendations. “Date before you commit” sample first.

How the body chemistry affects Perfumes Scents:

  1. Skin Type – each skin type reacts differently to fragrances. Fragrances easily evaporate on dry skin as there is not much oil for the fragrance molecules to adhere to. It is ideal to moisturize with an unscented or similarly scented lotion before spraying on fragrance to maximize its longevity. Normal skin has more oil content than dry skin; fragrances have a better lasting power because fragrances cling to the oily skin.  Oily skin perfectly complements musky perfume as the oil molecules bond together to shape depth and character to the scent.
  2. Body PH – the amount of acidity in our skin will affect how the fragrance ingredients will react to the body chemistry.
  3. Pheromones (aka Sex Scents) – The role of pheromones in one’s body chemistry has arguable impact on how fragrance smells each individual. Each person has a distinct, unique smell that is attributed to pheromones so fragrances can either be compatible or incompatible with one’s pheromones
  4. Sweat – how much a person sweats depends on several factors such as diet, climate and physical activity. When sweat mixes with fragrances, the reaction may vary among ingredients of a perfume and personal body chemistry.
  5. Diet and Personal Lifestyle – diet can have a tremendous effect on a person’s overall scent, which also interacts with fragrance.

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2 thoughts on “How to choose a Perfume:

  1. Just because a perfume smells nice on another person, doesn’t necessarily have to be nice on me?🤔🤔
    A good lesson there… Will be dating before I commit.😊

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