Do you want to Start the Oil / Refill Perfume Business?

Do you want to Start the Oil / Refill Perfume Business?


  1. Perfume.
  2. Display Bottles or Aluminium bottles.
  3. Refill empty bottles .

We offer three options to approach the refill perfumes business:

Option 1: Refilling Option.

  1. Perfume: 13/= per ml minimum quantity of 50 mls.
  2. Display Bottle: 200/= per piece.
  3. Refill Bottles:
    • 2 ml: 150/= per dozen,
    • 3 ml: 150/= per dozen,
    • 4 ml: 180/= per dozen,
    • 6 ml: 200/= per dozen,
    • 8 ml: 240/= per dozen, 
    • 10 ml: 240/= per dozen,
    • 12 ml: 240/= per dozen,
    • Spray Bottles: Price range 50-200/= per piece.

Option 2:

If one does not have a shop and would like the refilling option above. Instead of the Display Bottles you sell the perfumes from the Aluminium bottles.
Aluminium bottles: 80/= per piece.

Option 3:Packed and branded option.

These are the 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12mls roll on refill bottles refilled with the perfume of your choice and branded. This option is for someone who has other business or employment engagements and would like to sell perfumes on the side.

  • 3 ml @ 1,080/= per Dozen
  • 4 ml @ 1,500/= per Dozen 
  • 6 ml @ 2,100/= per Dozen
  • 8 ml @ 2,700/= per Dozen
  • 10 ml @ 3,300/= per Dozen
  • 12 ml @ 3,900/= per Dozen
    The dozen can contain the same or different  fragrances of your choice.


The amount of capital needed to start the business will depend on how many fragrances one wants to start with. Starting with 10 or 20 different fragrances helps one have a wide variety.

However one can start with as low as 3,050/= (that’s a stock of three different fragrances of 50 mls each, display bottles, 2 dozen of 3 ml & a dozen of 6 ml refill bottles).

The approximate budget for different number of fragrances including display bottles and a variety of roll on and spray refill bottles is as below:

  • 10 Fragrances – Kshs. 10,000
  • 15 Fragrances – Kshs. 14,000
  • 20 Fragrances – Kshs. 19,000


The current retail market price is between 33-50/= per ml. The price mainly depends on your location. So with the minimum of 33/= you have a gross profit margin of 33-13=20/= per ml.

We offer training on how to start the business and advise on the most popular fragrances as per the market trends.


We are located at: Maximum Business Centre (Opposite Ndungu House) on Tsavo Road on 1st Floor Shop No MM21. 

You can reach us on: 0705 235 177.

MEKS Collection – Designer Refill Perfumes.

Enid Mbaka

57 thoughts on “Do you want to Start the Oil / Refill Perfume Business?

  1. Already in the business I would like to continue with you..but your minimum 50 ml is on a high side considering one must pick varieties. I am highly interested if you would make it 30ml minimum.

    1. Good afternoon Zippy. Most welcome for more information on the business. We are located at Maximum Business Centre on Tsavo road opposite Ndungu House 1st Floor Shop No. MM21. You can reach us on +254 705 235 177.

  2. Am really do I place my order for the bottles and perfumes and can I be picking them up at ua Thika shop?

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